Time table of Third Term Examination (senior section), December 2011

Time table for: International (VI – X) Time table for: National (VI – IX)

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Day/date Std. VI Std. VII Std. VIII Std. IX Std. X (Mock) Std. VI Std. VII Std. IX
Time: 11:00-12:30 11:00-12:30 11:00-12:30 09:00- 11:00- 09:00- 11:00- 11:00-01:00 11:00-01:00 09:00-11:30
Thursday01-12-11 Bang Math-I Bangla Maths B-I Math B-II Chem-I ——– Bang-I Bang-I Bang-I
Saturday03-11-11 Math-I Math-II Math-I P. Math-I P. Math-II ——– ——– Mathematics Mathematics Math (Comp)
Sunday04-12-11 Eng. Lit. Eng. Lang. English Lit Acct. ——– Math-B-II ——– Religion Comp. Std. Phy/Int.Bus.
Monday05-12-11 Religion English Lit Bio ——— ——— Phy-II ——– Eng-I Eng-II Chem/B.Ent
Wednesday07-12-11 History Chem Physics Bio-I / Eco Bio-II P. Math-I ——– Bang-II Islamic Std./Bd. Rel S. Sc./G. Sc.
Thursday08-12-11 Eng. Lang Geog Eng. Lang. Comm/H.Bio-I H. Bio-II Chem-II ——– Eng-II Eng-I Eng-I
Saturday10-12-11 Geog History Math-II Chem-I Chem-II ——– ——– G. Sc. G. Sc. Islamic Std/Hindu Rel
Sunday11-12 -11 Art Com. Std.+ Art Com. Std.+ Art Eng. Lang. ——– Bang ——– Com. Std. H. Eco/Agri Eng-II
Monday 12-12-11 G. Sc. Rel/M.Sc. Eco Art ——– P. Math-II ——– H. Eco/Agri Bang-II Com. Std.
Tuesday13- 12-11 Math-II Biology Chem Bangla ——– Eco ——– Art Art H. Math/Acct
Wednesday14-12-11 Com. Std. Physics Religion ICT ——– ——– ——– S. Sc. S. Sc. Eco / Bio
Thursday15-12 -11 ——– Bangla Acct. Phy-I Phy-II ——– ——– P.T Test P.T Test Bang-II

N.B.: 1. Answer scripts from Std-VI to Std. X to shown to parents on 20th December (Tuesday) 2011 from 09:00 hrs to 10:00 hrs (Std.IX & X) and 11:00 hrs to 12:00 hrs (Std.VI – VIII).

2. Report Card Day on 27th December (Tuesday), 2011.

3. All students shall clear the tuition fees by 15th November (Tuesday), 2011 to get admit cards for Final Term Exam.

4. Report cards signing with VP’s and Principal:

i) Std.VI & VII (Na & Int’l) : 24.12.11 (Saturday)

ii) Std.VIII, IX & X (Na & Int’l) : 25.12.11 (Sunday)