Holiday H.W – Std-II

Holidays Home Work


Home Work

Submission Day

Bangla ক) “কাজের লোক” কবিতাটি কবির নামসহ ৮ লাইন লিখবে।
খ)  “ছুটির দিন” সম্পর্কে ১০ লাইন লিখবে।
Language “A Holiday” –– write 10 sentences on the topic [ write on a  paper and submit] C,D,E-3/6A,B-4/6
Literature a) Revise “Mahagiri” and “Puff the Duckling Duck” for R. Test.b) Learn and write CW#7 B,C,D-3/6A,E– 4/6
Mathematics 1)  Multiplication: Pg-46, Ex-5.6 (13-16) in H.W copy.2.  Division: Pg-04, Ex-P (7-10) in H,W copy.

3.  Practise (7-12) times table



Science Science Project : Types of Animals B,E-3/6C,A,D,E- 4/6
Computer Science H.W-1:    Read lesson -5 (Paint)Learn C.W-2

W/S-1 (underline the correct answer):     Learn and write in H.W copy

D-36,B-4/6, E-5/6A,C-6/6
Geography & Social Science Geography: Revise for R. Test on Chapter-6 and read chapter-7Write 10 lines about continents and oceans.

Social Science: Revise for R.Test on lesson – eight and read lesson-nine.

Write Q/A 1 and 2 from lesson –nine.


D,E-3/5, B-4/6

Religion Revise from R.W-1 from C.W-1 to C.W-3.H,W: read the topic: The Holy Quran,  Pillars of Islam B-3/6, A,E-5/6D-6/6, C-7/6
Sp/Dict Set-9 & 10               ––  Ex-B of Set- 9(pg-13 & 14)                 Ex-B of Set-10 E-3/6, D-4/6, C/6/6A, B-7/6