ADMISSION POLICY

Admission Procedure

1.    This procedure as follows:

a.    Students are usually admitted at the beginning of the year in the Nursery class.  However, admission in the middle of the academic year may take place (for posted defence persons only) in all classes provided seats are available. Admission notices and requirements are published in various print media and BISC web site. Admission is possible in the following classes in accordance to the desired age group:

(1)   Nursery          –      4 1/2 years to 5 years.

(2)   KG                 –      5 years to 6 years.

(3)   Standard I      –      6 years to 7 years.

(4)   Standard II     –      7 years to 8 years.

(5)   Standard III    –      8 years to 9 years.

(6)   Standard IV    –      9 years to10 years.

(7)   Standard V     –      10 years to 11 years.

(8)   Class VI          –      11 years to 12 years.

(9)   Class VII        –      12 years to 13 years.

(10) Class VIII       –      13 years to 14 years.

(11) Class IX          –      14 years to 15 years.

(12) Class X           –      15 years to 16 years.

(13)  Class XI / XII   –     16  year  to  18 years

(14) A level/HSC     –      16 years to 18 years.

b.    Admission Forms along with prospectus can be obtained by paying Taka 300/600 (for defence/non defence) from the Account Office of the institution on all working days   between 9 am to 1 pm.

Admission tests are conducted for all new students. Parents / guardian have to appear before the School Authority during interview.

c. 5% seats are kept reserve in each class for the Army ward coming new (from outside of Dhaka Cantonment ).

d.    During admission , TC, posting order and Valid Birth Certificate to be submitted along with the application addressed to Principal.

e.    For each class waiting list shall be prepared depending on the vacancies.

Admission Policy

2.    Admission policy of students is as follows:

a.    Open admission shall only be applicable to Nursery class. Admission form shall be sold in the month of November. Defence & non-defence wards can only apply who leaves in or around DOHS, Mohakhali & Dhaka Cantonment area.

  1. Admission Committee shall ensure all requisite formalities.

c.    Suitable and meritorious candidates shall only be selected.

d.    Considering seat vacancies in other classes’ admission formalities may be processed as per policies:

(1)   Officer posted in to Dhaka and if their child studies in any English Medium School (Priority-1).

(2)   Officer posted in to Dhaka and if their child studies in any Cantonment Public School and Collage or any other college (Priority-2).

(3)   Last week of each month, admission test shall be conducted under the responsibility of admission committee. Basing on merit waiting list shall be prepared. As per vacancies and waiting list students shall be admitted gradually.

(4)   No weak students shall be taken (minimum 70% marks to be secured during admission test).

e.    For student of IX and X board formalities must be completed at the parents end ( Registration/ clearance etc).

f.     For admission in class VI & IX (National Curriculum), student must pass year ending board examination, that is, PECE and JSC. Their minimum grading shall be 4.70.

g.    Students studying in or around Dhaka city shall not be taken at BISC as to offer vacancies to the posted in officers at Dhaka Cantonment.

3.       Students Admission Policy in ‘A’ Level:

a.    Students passed ‘O’ Level with 6 subjects (4 A & 2 B) will be eligible for admission in A Level.

b.    O Level (IGCSE) students, must sit for exam in one go (January), provisional admission to A Level shall be done in Feb -March. Admission will be confirmed later on receiving ‘O’ Level result.

c     Students must choose subjects during admission at ‘A’ Level.

d.    Students of ‘A’ Level will sit for the exam in May only and their classes shall start from August for A2.

e.    There will be Mock/Term Exam in December.

f.     Mocks for AS will start from February.

4.    Students Registration Policy in ‘IGCSE’ & ‘A’ Level

a     Students will not be allowed to register their subjects unless completion of 2 years study in Std. IX & X ( O Level).

b     Minimum 6 subjects to be chosen for registration in IGCSE level and minimum 2 subjects for ‘A’ level.

c     Subject teacher’s recommendation shall be given priority.

d     Minimum 85% attendance in the class is required. Subject teachers will keep record of students attendance.

e. Minimum 75% marks to be obtained in individual subject during Mock Test/IPT.

f.     Students are not allowed to sit twice in IGCSE in the same year. Must clear all in one go.

g.    Subject teachers will motivate the students for attending the class & participation in all Mock Tests.

h.      All documents relating to registration will be kept ready by the coordinator for cognizance and final approval of the principal via Vice Principal.

i.    Students shall not be allowed to change their subjects which they appear during Mock Test.

j.     During registration, parents confirmation slip is to be acknowledged by admin branch.

k.     Students list for registration is to be prepared by coordinator.  Basing on this, final approval will be taken from the Principal.

l.    Registration will be completed in March for ‘A’ Level.

m.     Admin branch shall not complete any registration for any student which is not approved by the Principal.

  1. Students Admission Policy in Class XI.Depending on the availability of seat qualified SSC students with GPA 5 having science background will be considered for the admission in class XI of science group only. Desirous candidates to face the Admission test/interview board and to qualify themselves for admission.

Admission Committee

6.    Admission Committee as follow:

a.    The standing committee for admission is as under:

(1)   President:           Principal.

(2)   Members :

(a)   Vice Principal (Senior section, for senior section Class)

(b)   Vice Principal (Junior section, for Junior section  Class)

(c)   1 x Coordinator as selected by Principal.

(d)   1 x Teacher as selected by VP

b.    The above committee after taking necessary test and viva will prepare draft list for selection. The Principal will discuss with the Chairman and obtain approval for admission.

Disqualification for Admission

7.    Following will be considered as disqualification for admission:

a.    Physical disability.

b.    Mental / Psychic cases.

c.    Over / Under age.

d.    Any Manipulation.

e.    Failure in Admission Test.

f.     Withdrawn from the School previously on disciplinary ground.