H.W Schedule – Std-I

Bangladesh International School and College
DOHS, Mohakhali, Dhaka Cantonment

Dates for Bringing Home Work Copies – Second Term-2012
Class: Std-l

Sl No


Sl of Home Work

Date of Submission

Date of Return

Lang H.W-8 &H.W-9 A,D-4/6; B,E-3/6; C-5/6 A,D-5/6; B,E-4/6; C-6/6;
2 Lit H.W-7 &H.W-8 A,D-3/6; B,C-5/6; E-4/6 A-4/6; D,E-5/6; B,C-6/6
3 Maths H.W-13 B,C,D-3/6, A- 4/6 B,C,D-3/6, A- 4/6
4 Bang H.W-6H.W-7 A,D,E-3/6;  B,C-4/6A,D,E-10/6; B,C-11/6 A,D,E-5/6; B,C-7/6A,D,E-11/6; B,C-13/6
5 Science H.W-4H.W-5


A to D-3/6; E-4/6A,E-12/6; C,D-11/6; B-13/6 A to D-10/6; E-11/6A,D-13/6; C,-12/6; B,E-14/6
6 Rel/ M.Sc. H.W-3H.W-4 A,D-3/6; B,E,C-4/6A,D-10/6; B,E,C-11/6 A,D-4/6; B,E,C-5/6A,D-11/6; B,E,C-12/6
7 S/D H.W-3  A-6/6, B,C-4/6, D-5/6, E-6/6 A-7/6,B,C-5/6, D-6/6, E-4/6


1. Students should bring their Home Work copies to school according to the submission dates.
2. For Maths, Home Work copies to be brought everyday.