Instruction for guardian

1. Parents are requested to kindly write down their identity and put their specimen signature in
the diary. House tutors, uncles or elder brothers are not accepted as Parents. Please ensure
that correct mobile no. has been given in the diary. If mobile number changes, inform to the
Class Teacher.
2. Parents must go through the rules and advice set for the students in the school diary and ask
their wards to abide by those and assist them in this regard.
3. Parents should send their child to school according to reporting time and in prop er uniform.
4. Please Ensure that your son/ daughter comes to BISC regularly and punctually in the working
days and returns home in due time.
5. After your ward returns home, please check his/her diary and find out the lessons imparted
in different periods. If you have anything to say, please write in the diary and put your
6. Please have a look at the home tasks or assignments given for the next day and encourage
them to prepare those.
7. Parents should keep in touch with the class teacher regarding the studies and conduct of their
8. a) Parents should ensure their ward’s presence in the Assessment, Class Tests and Term End
b) For late reporting during Term Exam, no extra time will be allotted.
9. a) Students’ leave will be granted only for his/her sickness, Hajj and Umrah.
b) If a student fails to come to class due to sickness, parents would submit an application to
the Principal with a medical certificate / document.
10. The Parents should pay the tuition fees in time through t-cash mobile banking or directly in
any branch of Trust Bank.
11. If any student adopts any sort of unfair means and if he is found guilty of misconduct or if he
denies the rules of the school or if he violates the discipline of the institution, the decision of
the institution would be considered as the final one.
12. If a student fails to secure pass marks in the Final Term or Year End Exam for promotion to
the next class, no request will be entertained.
13. Parents may meet Principal taking permission to discuss abou t the progress of their wards at
the fixed time on the particular day (1030 to 1130 hrs).
14. Persons those who would drop in and pick up the students in and from BISC would do it on
time. BISC shall not bear any responsibility.
15. The Parents should look after their ward’s health and cleanliness.
16. The Parents should keep their wards away from undesirable company or environment.
17. For building up a good character and making progress in the students, joint effort of the
parents and teachers is required.
18. Regarding the progress in studies and building characters of the children, it is expected that
the parents should give active and spontaneous support to the teachers.
19. For the security and safety of the BISC students, parents are requested to collect PARENTS ID
CARD and display it to on-duty guard while entering the BISC premises.
20. For absence or late coming of students (Except Hajj, Umrah, Sickness which is granted by
Principal) 50/- per day shall be charged as fine and it is to be paid with the school tuition fees
of the student.
21. Any student, failing to pay tuition fee successively for two months shall have to take re –
admission. If fails to clear tuition fees of 06 months together, in that case, the student shall be
given TC.
22. In case of issuing ID card for the 2
nd time, 100/- shall be charged as fine.
23. Parents must attend Parents – Teachers meeting as per date. Any suggestion through
constructive criticism will be welcomed cordially.