Discipline policy

1. Separate discipline committee is formed by principal for a tenure of one year for Junior
and Senior division.
2. Basing on the recommendation of the discipline committee, Principal takes decision
against defaulter.
3. Any student causing injury to another student which requires admission to hospital shall
be given TC.
4. Any student scolding anyone or using abusive language/offensive remarks shall receive
warning letter. Repetition of same offence shall warrant one week suspension.
5. Any student who steals/cheats shall be given TC.
6. Any student adopting unfair means in any exam (CT/Term Exam) shall be given TC.
7. Any student disobeying teachers, shall get a letter of warning. repetition of same offence
shall warrant suspension for two weeks.
8. Any student failing to adhere to BISC instructions shall be warned.
9. Any student found developing illicit relationship with other shall be given TC.
10. Any student writing offensive words on any wall shall be suspended for one week.
11. Any student who is proved to be involved in anti-state activities, possessing explosives,
ammunitions, illegal papers etc. shall be given TC and handed over to police for legal
12. If any student is caught possessing any expensive electrical devices (MP3
players/Mobiles) shall be suspended for one week and the items will be seized
13. Any student failing to report to school in time before 0750 hrs, shall not be allowed to
enter the classroom before 2nd period. For 3 or more days late in a month, he/she will be
sent back to home.
14. Any student seen with another student of opposite gender (from Std IV-XII) in any isolated
place will be suspended for two weeks.
15. Any student leaving the school premises without permission from the authority will be
issued with a suspension letter for two weeks. Repetition of same offence shall warrant