Code of Conduct for Students


1. General:
a) Always start everything in the name of the Almighty Allah.
b) Obey and show respect to your parents, teachers and seniors.
c) Always speak the truth, be honest, think honestly and hate offence.
d) Be industrious and persevering. Don’t be disappointed. Always depend on Allah for your success and pray for His help.
e) Come to school in proper uniform and minimum 15 minutes earlier and join morning assembly.
f) While entering the Institution, pay due respect saying “Assalamu Alaikum” to all faculty Members and those who are senior in age.
g) Respect the teachers and be friendly with your seniors and friends.
h) Never misbehave with anybody.

2. Before joining BISC ensure the following:
a) Uniform is clean, tidy and ironed properly.
b) Shoes are clean.
c) Have a proper haircut, proper name plate, epaulette, tie and ID card.
d) Girls’ hair is tied with white ribbon in two pony tails braided. Finger nails are properly trimmed.
e) Boys’ hair must be short.
f) Girls are not allowed to wear ear top, any fancy hair-band or hair clips. Only ear-ring is Allowed.
g) Students must avoid using hair dye, any sort of makeup, nail polish etc.
h) Students must not carry any electronic items/toys/mobile phone/expensive wrist Watches etc.
i) Students must not visit roadside shops.

3. Before joining class ensure the following:
a) Have prepared your lessons and home tasks before joining class.
b) Have completed the assignments.
c) Don’t move around in verandah/corridor, during class hour.
d) Use the washrooms earmarked for respective class/students.

4. Behavior during the class:
a) Sit as per seat plan
b) Be attentive and clear your doubts during the class.
c) Carry books and copies regularly.
d) Don’t disturb others.
e) Do not go and loiter anywhere during the class hour except tiffin period.
f) Enter into the classroom after tiffin period with the warning bell.
g) Throw dirt of class room and waste of your tiffin in the dustbin.
h) Do not tend to sneak away or leave BISC without permission.
i) Prepare your regular lesson and home task and join the class.
j) Make short notes on your daily study program which is given by the teachers and seek Help of teachers about any query which is not clear to you.
k) Use the diary properly and submit it to your class teacher who is to check whether that is properly used or not.
l) Do not write or draw anything on the wall and desk of the classroom.

5. While visiting washroom, ensure:
a) Have left it clean after using it.
b) The floor should not get wet and dirty.

6. Senior students to be addressed as:
a) To male students – (ভাইয়া)
b) To girl students – (আপু)
c) Male students are not allowed to mix freely with their female class mates. Under no circumstances any one afford to be funny with them. The relationship with them will be cordial but formal. Girls should be treated like their own sisters. Any complaint against any boy from any girl will be considered as an offence /teasing and will be dealt seriously.
d) Touching or patting is not allowed among the boys or girls.

7. Behavior with classmates, seniors and juniors:
a) Remember that students come from different backgrounds and from different areas of the country.
b) Every human being is different from other, somebody may be emotional, irritable or unsocial but everyone should try to behave ideally.
c) For minor things do not start quarrelling.
d) Remember – beating, grouping and hooliganism can never solve any problem rather it breeds the problem.
e) For any problem in the school – may it be a misunderstanding with any classmate or any problem of own self, bring it to the knowledge of the class teacher or coordinator.

8. BISC Property:
a) Take care of the properties of the institution.
b) Ensure following to save BISC property:
i. Switch off the fan and light before leaving the classroom.
ii. Own desk should be kept clean.
iii. For any odd situation inform class teacher.
c) Damage of any asset by any student must be compensated accordingly.

9. Personal Properties:
a) Take care of personal properties like bag, pen, books, copies, calculator, wristwatch, etc.
b) Keep all these items inside the bag.
c) Be vigilant and careful so that personal belongings are not lost.

10. Tiffin:
a) Bring your tiffin from home. Have it in your classroom.
b) In case of not bringing tiffin from home, may get the same from BISC canteen at a reasonable price, (a student is not allowed to bring more than Tk. 50 in a day)
c) When you enter the canteen area, stand in the queue and wait for your turn. Don’t break the line or make chaos.
d) If you have any suggestions about the canteen bring it to the knowledge of class teacher.

11. School attendance:
a) 80% attendance in the class is compulsory for every student to appear in the final exam.
b) Absence only for sickness, Hajj and Umrah to be granted by Principal.

12. Examinations:
a) There are assessment, surprise test, class tests and term end examinations. Each Examination is compulsory for every student.
b) Each student must secure requisite marks in each exam as per promotion policy.
c) Do not adopt any unfair means in the examination hall. He who intends to copy or prepare himself to copy in the examination hall will be expelled and given TC from BISC.

13. Prefe ct ship:
Every year Central School and College Prefects are selected on the basis of year final combined merit list of class VIII to XI.

14. Study at home:
a) Must cover the lesson which will be taught on the next day.
b) Must study at least 06 hrs a day.
c) Don’t keep any work pending.

15. Clubs & Societies:
The following clubs & societies are in function:
1) English & Bangla Literary Club
2) Spell Bee Club
3) Computer Club
4) Music & Dance Club
5) Arts & Crafts Club
6) Debate Club
7) Language Club
8) General Knowledge Club
9) Science & Math Club
10) BNCC, Girl Guides & Boy Scout
11) Photography Club
12) Earth Club
13) Quirat Club
14) Astronomy Club
Clubs & societies are conducted on every Saturday for the students of all classes.

16. Games :
a) Attendance in games is compulsory for all
b) Facilities for the following games are available.
i. Football
ii. Volleyball
iii. Handball
iv. Basketball
v. Table tennis
vi. Other Indoor games

17. Visiting BISC:
a) No student will come to the college on holidays without prior permission of Principal.
b) No student is allowed to enter BISC without Uniform.
c) Students are not allowed to enter into the campus with any outsiders.

18. Friends or relatives:
a) Friends or relatives are not allowed to enter BISC both during and after the working hours.
b) Ex-student may visit office for personal needs.

19. Use of Library:
a) Students may use the library up to 1300 hrs on working days.
b) Students may also use library during games period. (Taking permission from class teacher)

20. Joining National Days:
Taking part in different events organized by BISC on national days like Mother Language Day, Independence Day, Birth and Death Anniversary of Bangabandhu, Pohela Boishakh, Victory Day etc. is a must.