First Aid

    1. As it is winter, we have to take care of our skin. Due to dryness of the weather, our skin becomes dry. Use Petroleum Jelly on your skin with oil, lotion or glycerin
    2. Eat plenty of fresh vegetables. They contain lots of vitamins and minerals
      • Vitamin A is necessary for healthy skin and eye. It is available in colorful vegetables like carrot, spinach, pumpkin
      • Vitamin C is good for teeth, skin and it is also essential to protect our body from diseases. It is found in all fresh fruits and vegetables
      • Vitamin E is for healthy hair and skin; it is plenty in all seeds like beans, pulse
    3. You also have to take an egg everyday for at least 5 days in a week and a glass of milk everyday also
    4. Those who are obese or overweight, winter are a suitable time for them to reduce weight. As the day is shorter than night they can make a plan to reduce their weight in a certain period During this period if they take plenty of vegetables and protein in a right form, they will reduce remarkably
    5. Exercise can help a lot to reduce over weight as well as to keep the body healthy
    6. All must drink sufficient amount of water every day
    7. In winter, a special vegetable Beat is available. It is very good for all children. It increases our haemoglobin and makes our body fresh
    8. To protect our body from some diseases like Malaria, Dengue we should take care of ourselves. We all should use mosquito net at night. All children should be back from playground before sunset
    9. Dengue spreads from Anopheles mosquitoes and they bite during daytime especially in the morning and before evening. So, be careful about that! Wear full-sleeve shirts and trousers, after Sun-set
    10. Don’t sleep under a fan directly
    11. Always drink light warm water
    12. Wash your hands before every meal
    13. Before coming to school you must have breakfast